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The Startup

Founded in 2016, Tara is an upcoming Brand in IVD Reagents Business segment.

There are many inspiring stories about this startup, but one of my all-time favorite which makes me to start this startup is, “Why am on this side of the table…why you are on the other side of the table.” Often when I used to see any entrepreneur, always I had this question in my mind…Why? After 25 years of my professional career, one fine day I decided to cross the table.

While this startup, all so often people used to say that you can’t be successful since you are not from sales background. Being a scientist,we proved them wrong. I always had a gut feeling that if you are a craftsman, you know the product better in and out and always you can turn around the product in short span of time according to the customers need.

Since the inception, I had a thought of giving personal touch to the product and not using any others product in our brand. Hence, we have an Uncommon Practice in our business of “We don’t sell, what we don’t manufacture”.

Always it has been my dream of designing and delivering the best quality of reagents with a difference from the existing one in the market. As a result of this we have designed our product with a difference from the commodity market, experience the difference… Brand Tara.

There are number of people behind this startup direct or indirect contribution, without them this startup would not have seen the light of day! Thanks to each one of you.

Chemistry.....revealing the mystery of life!!